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Here's your opportunity to get hands-on real-life experience making the most out of Canadian forests. A guided adventure through Crown Land, learning wilderness survival, shelter and fire-making techniques, foraging, wild animal encounter safety, and much more.

Experiences can be tailored to meet any age or skill set.

Suitable for small or large groups of people who love hiking and venturing into the wilderness with a goal. Your hands on experience will leave with a better understanding of nature and how you can fit into it. 
Bushcraft experts create an itinerary that suits your specific skills and expectations. Everything is preplanned with safety a priority. 

A campfire cooked meal is included as part of the experience.

These bushcraft activities lighthearted and casual, relaxing and engaging.

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What to expect:

  • A professionally guided adventure through Crown Land

  • Practice wilderness survival skills

  • Explore places few have seen

  • Campfire cooked meal (any diet)

  • A fun, unique, learning experience to keep for life

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Day Trip

3-4 hours guided wilderness bushcraft training

Min. 3 people

Max 6 people

Larger groups with notice


What to expect:

  • Everything from the day trip

  • 3 campfire cooked meals

  • Shelter building then sleeping in

  • Additional skill training

  • Stars, shared stories, and an experience you won't get anywhere else

Starting at


24-32 hours of guided Canadian wilderness experience and adventure.

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