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Join us for an amazing on-the-water yoga session with Jan from Bending Yoga Studio.  Jan will guide you through the best poses for balance while floating on a tranquil lake.

Jan has over 5 years of teaching Yoga experience and has been paddling the lakes for just as many. She has combined both of her passions into her favourite activity, Paddleboard Yoga. 

can dine paddleboard yoga header 1.jpg
can dine paddleboard yoga header 2.jpg


Bring your own paddleboard

What to expect:

  • Meet at desired location, get setup, and head out.

  • 2 hours of paddling and yoga on a lake

  • Professional yoga guidance tailored for paddleboards

  • A fun unique experience with a local 

Paddleboard discount rentals available with our local partner. Just let us know when you book.

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