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Best Stocks to Invest in For Winter Savings

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Disclaimer: This is not professional financial advice, please invest wisely. Also we may make some money if you buy anything from one of our affiliate links at no extra cost to you.

There is a shmorgas board of stocks to choose from. Of course there are you premium blue chips stocks such as chicken, beef, some of your other favourite staples.

Here's our prediction of how they will perform this winter plus those less common ones.

Here are our recommendations for this year's harvest. We'll assume you've got the ingredients or can nab them without much fuss.

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We've charted the prime moments to utilize your stocks to maximize their benefits. Follow our advice, and you’ll reap the well-deserved rewards.

Let’s start by examining which stocks to get your mitts on.

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Your usual suspects—stocks that, barring a catastrophic storage collapse, are practically guaranteed to yield incredible returns. Chicken, Beef, Pork, and Veggie stocks have consistently performed well over time.

They're always our top picks. But we've also got a couple of stocks you might not have considered as valuable.

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So, the difference between “broth, stock, and bone broth”

  • Broth – primarily made from meat.

  • Stock – crafted from bones and joints adorned with meat.

  • Bone Broth - concocted solely from bones.

For the sake of this advice you can hold any type as their value is certain.

Chicken Stock

One of our top picks. As a staple for any portfolio or pantry we're are certain that this stock will maintain it's value. It's value could rise as other holders deplete their supply or yours is just more delicious.


Beef Stock

A very promising pick. It's one of those "blue chip" stocks that will never let you down. If you can only have one stock, this is the one. Though, we always want you to diversify, never put all your eggs in one basket.

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Xin Jiang Mutton Stock

A traditional recipe as old as the Great Wall from the Uyghur culture in China's.

A taste that all cultures passing through the silk road must have enjoyed the same as it can be today.

xin jiang mutton stock soup broth homestead off grid.gif

Just click the link below for a translated traditional recipe. 

It's best served with Naan or bread for dipping.

can dine stock market tips beef chicken (4).jpg
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